Welcome to the site of the R. Baca Law Firm. Our law firm focuses exclusively in the legal field of Intellectual Property Law. Intellectual Property Law, also known as “IP” law, is a generalized term that includes Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Trade Secret Law and the Law of Unfair Competition. Our firm consists of experienced IP lawyers and patent professionals from throughout the great American Southwest, including San Antonio, California, Austin, Northern Mexico, and Albuquerque.


The R. Baca Law Firm provides assistance in litigation of all Intellectual Property matters, including Patent and Trademark disputes in the U.S. Southwest and globally. Patent Opinion drafting services are further available.


A key service provided by the R. Baca Law Firm entails filing and prosecuting patents in the fields of engineering and applied science. Patent prosecution typically includes assisting inventors with the process of applying for and potentially obtaining a patent before the United States Patent & Trademark Office or equivalent foreign patent office. Our technical experience includes intimate familiarity with the fields of Computer and Microprocessor Organization and Design, Nanotechnology, Electronics, Control Systems, Chemistry, Materials, Drug Design, Microbiology, and Genetic Engineering.


Our firm is actively engaged in portfolio planning for intellectual property assets around the world. The firm strategically interfaces with its many global affiliates in providing strategic assistance with Intellectual Property acquisition and enforcement issues.


In addition, our law firm assists businesses with the process of applying for and potentially obtaining a registered trademark and provides services associated with copyright registration and protection matters.


The R. Baca Law Firm further provides legal counseling services regarding Intellectual Property. This includes assistance in the areas of Business Start-ups, Technology Transfer, Import and Export of technology-based products, Valuation and Management of technology-based assets, Intellectual Property Audits, Commercialization, and Licensing of Intellectual Property. Our firm further provides Intellectual Property legal counseling for matters relating to the entertainment industry as well as those legal matters associated with the internet.

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