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As the number and economic strength of Latinos continues to grow dramatically in the United States, many new opportunities arise with those whom are intimately familiar with both Latin American and United States business cultures, and their respective legal infrastructures.  Advantageously, many of the The R. Baca Law Firm, PLLC team members are multicultural and can effortlessly convey those complex legal, engineering, scientific, and entrepreneurial ideas of trademarks and patents at the “speed of business” among several other languages of the Americas, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French.  It is our hope that this unique combination of legal, technical, and linguistic skills will provide a value –added niche venue for many global businesses and law firms.

Our understanding and sensitivity to various global cultures coupled with our legal, business, technical, and linguistic skills enables our team members to uniquely and effectively convey and implement complex technical and legal ideas between cultures that is virtually non-existent with other Intellectual Property law firms within the United States. Inasmuch, our intimate understanding of the all business cultures of the Americas truly makes the R. Baca Law Firm –


LATIN AMERICA:  Commitment, Partnership, and Leadership
in International Business, Science, and Technology

The R. Baca Law Firm is committed to providing key technology-based legal services for strengthening growing economic ties between United States and its Latin American trading partners.  The R. Baca Law Firm is committed to a successful and continued development of an inland port economy along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Commitment:  With an established affiliate office in Mexico (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon), our firm is committed to providing an Intellectual Property and Business gateway between the United States and Latin America.  Our firm and its Mexican affiliates are each firmly committed to providing quality bilingual technology-based legal services, in Spanish and in English.

Partnership:  Our firm is a key business partner with many Latin American business enterprises seeking to establish their product or service within the United States commercial market.  Our firm is partnered with Instituto Tecnologico y de Esudios Superiores de Monterrey (“Monterrey Tech”) in exchanging innovative ideas between the Americas.  Our firm provides bilingual, technology-based legal counseling that is strategically tailored for many participating foreign business enterprises that wish to develop their product or service within the U.S. marketplace.

Leadership:  Our firm is a recognized leader at the San Antonio International Business Development Center and with the business community along the US-Mexico border.  Our firm is a certified International Export Business Leader through an internationally recognized program developed by the City of San Antonio, the South-West Border Region International Trade Center, the U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center, and the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Our firm is also a member of the Free Trade Alliance, the Asociacion de Empresarios Mexicanos, and the World Affairs Council.

We actively maintain vigilant watch over the changing trade climate regarding variations in treaties, laws, policies, funding issues, and regulations.  Our firm is committed to providing personalized technology-based legal services to small- to medium-sized businesses seeking to develop products and services across the U.S.- Mexico Border, including the following:

Business Franchising and Licensing

Oil & Gas Ventures

Energy & Power Systems

Food & Beverage Industry

Medical Supplies

Agricultural Products


Electrical Components & Industrial Equipment

Automotive Parts and Supplies

Aviation Parts and Services

Computer Hardware, Software, and Services

For obtaining and enforcing Intellectual Property rights throughout the hemisphere with our Latin American network contact us today at:  IPAmericas@southwestpatents.com