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Intellectual Property Services

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Patent Services

A patent is an essential business asset in our global information-based economy of the 21st century. Obtaining an issued patent is often difficult, time-consuming, costly, and not a guarantee. Although one particular idea may solve an existing problem, not all innovation merits patent protection. At times, a successful patent depends on the acquired skills of a professional to quickly and accurately identify those inventive concepts that are best suited for the direct needs of the marketplace.

At the R. Baca Law Firm, PLLC, we are not just an IP practice group, we are also good friends. Our group originates from throughout the great American Southwest bound by the same belief and commitment to providing our clients with creatively insightful and personalized involvement in every step of the patent legal process. We strive to provide each client with a value-added, working knowledge of those concepts of Intellectual Property Law that are required for making key decisions for their respective businesses. We are committed to providing outstanding service according to your time schedule around the world, including nights and weekends. Moreover, with our intimate familiarity with engineering and scientific concepts, we can effectively work with our clients on their technical level.

With exceptional communication skills, each member of our firm is able to work well within your multidisciplinary team including business executives, accountants, marking managers as well as scientists, engineers, inventors and artists & entertainers. We believe that the client is our boss – let us work hard for you

Our practice group at the R. Baca Law Firm, PLLC possesses a wide range of experience in all aspects of U.S. and foreign intellectual property matters. Many of our team members are multilingual and can quickly convey complex technical concepts in other languages at a quick, responsive pace required by many of today’s global business transactions.

Patent Prosecution

Medical, Bioengineering, Informatics & Cloud-based HIPAA Computer Network Architecture and the Chemical Arts – medical devices, clinical procedures & diagnostic testing, pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, radiology & laboratory medicine, genetic testing, microbiology, inorganic chemistry, polymers, and proteomics.

Oil & Gas – Upstream exploration & production equipment, electromechanical and hydrofracturing devices & methods, downstream refinement & retail, oilfield security and SCADA, oilfield service products and wireline, water & paraffin disposal systems, snubbing & reclamation units, and biofuels.

Mobile Wireless & Telecom Technologies – Network Protocol Layers, Wireless User Equipment (UE) Registration, Authentication and Encryption, UE video stabilization, Voice of Internet Protocol issues (Session Initiation Protocol, Real-time Transport Protocol, Media Gateway Control Protocol) over Radio Access Networks, Packet compression and optimization.

Computer and Electrical Engineering – Hardware & Software systems & design, Network Systems, graphene & other carbon materials, computer organization and design, microprocessor architecture, wafer fab technology, maskworks, materials and packaging, optoelectronics, business services remote access work systems, RAID controllers, printers hardware, and lamination systems.

Mechanical Engineering – nanotechnology & microdevices, materials, energy & power systems, thermodynamics & control systems, large-scale machine design, aerospace, avionics, fluid dynamics, and security device technology..

Intellectual Property Services for Your Business Needs

IP portfolio asset strategies and development – Customized IP portfolio acquisition & management customized toward your business needs, patent “design-around” issues and IP enforcement. IP Audits and strategies for your business.

Trade secret assessment and unfair trade – employment non-compete agreements and false advertising.

Other Foreign IP – International IP portfolio management and enforcement, Negotiations and export/import matters.

Technology Transfer – Licensing, commercialization, and joint research ventures.

General Business Matters – Consultation regarding incorporations, contracts, and employment law matters associated with an intellectual property portfolio.

Educational Training – Educational Seminar Series including live and online multidisciplinary programs toward business asset generation, acquisition and management, including intellectual property assets.

Trademark Services

Trademark Enforcement & Litigation Matters – enforcement against competitors who use another’s mark to capitalize on that “name recognition”: Likelihood of Confusion and Federal Trademark Dilution Act.

Business Branding.

Entertainment Issues — Publishing & Record Labels and Sports Teams. Entertainment branding on the internet.

Trademark & Domain Name Issues.

Federal, State, and Foreign Registrations of words, designs, slogans, sounds or symbols that serve to identify a particular product or service offered by a business.

Tradedress vs. Design Patent Issues for packaging and other marketing media.

Copyright Services

Enforcement of U.S. & foreign copyrights and protected works.

Registration of U.S. & foreign copyrights and enforcement against the reproduction of important creative works such as web pages, ad art & copy, business software, training manuals, organizational charts, and multimedia presentations.

Artist & Entertainment Issues: Music & Film industry matters.

Publisher Agreements & Royalty Issues.
Website Issues.

Copyright registration of source & object code and other software applications.

Works Made-For-Hire issues.